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T.C.E. International Pte Ltd (TCE) was incorporated in February 2007 as a health care business consultancy by Mrs. C.E Tan, a renowned veteran in the private health care industry in Singapore for over 30 years. Her vision for the startup was to multiply health care relationships between providers, patients, and payers, by leveraging on decades of experience and expertise in health care marketing, business development, and physician-relationship management.

From a marketing consultancy engagement in 2008 for the conception of what was then Ho Chi Minh City’s largest private health care project (Hi-Tech Healthcare Park Hoa Lam – Shangri-La), TCE has provided its expertise to health care providers and facilitators in the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam), the Middle East (Qatar and the U.A.E), and even Papua New Guinea and Russia. It has also ventured into clinic ownership and operations, when it took over and revamped a General Practice in Singapore from targeting a niche market and achieving profitability annually before it was sold in 2014. In addition, TCE has also provided marketing consultancy services to a cancer treatment centre in Singapore from 2008 until today.

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TCE has also helped care for hundreds of patient both locally and internationally. From collating medical reports and imaging for pre-consultation information before the patient arrives in Singapore, to arranging visas, air-tickets, accommodation, and even overseas travel to regional places of interest, TCE has been in the fore-front of medical tourism in Singapore since 2007. The team at TCE takes great pleasure in serving patients from all walks of life seeking treatment in Singapore: whether royalty from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Brunei, businessmen from Malaysia and Indonesia or taxi drivers, teachers, and professionals from Singapore, TCE serves every patient and their loved ones faithfully, and in their best interest.

In 2016, TCE was appointed the medical auditor of all medical bills of patients sponsored by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, as well as its Health Office in Singapore. TCE is appreciative of the unprecedented chance to make an impact, not only in evaluating and controlling the accuracy and reliability of the costs of its clients in providing its citizens with world-class standards of health care in Singapore, but also in the health care landscape in Singapore for both Singaporeans as well as overseas patients, in light of the looming shadow of higher and higher costs of health care in Singapore.

This engagement has helped TCE establish another new area of growth in the health care services industry, and it looks forward to contribute further to the industry via unique and useful initiatives that aim to multiply value in healthcare relationships.

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Mrs. Tan-Hoong Chu Eng

President and Founder
Mr. Ben

Mr. Benjamin Tan