What We Do

What We Do

“Touch the Sky”

Whether is it a greenfield vision or a completed project that requires regeneration, we are able to help your organization transform vision into reality, through the generation of detailed roadmaps and the provision of expert guidance to the envisioned destination.

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International Cancer Specialists, Singapore

Founder, owner, and operator of a cancer treatment and screening centre serving the local and international market

Sincere Medical Specialist Center for Women, Singapore

Project development and manpower consultants for Sincere Healthcare Group, a 5,000 square feet medical center for women’s health.

International Hi-Tech Healthcare Park, Vietnam

Healthcare development and investment consultants for Hi-Tech Health Park, a 37-hectare integrated healthcare development in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Khalayyah Healthcare Services, Qatar

Advisor and consultant to Khalayyah Healthcare Services (KHS) , a healthcare consulting company based in Doha, Qatar.

TCE earnestly looks to collaborate with its clients on how they may enhance their competitive advantage to further benefit their stakeholders. The TCE team of learn-it-alls aims to guide its clients from where they are to where they should and want to be.

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Embassy of the United Arab Emirates Health Office, Singapore

Appointment as medical bill auditors for all UAE patients from the UAE Health Office in Singapore

Medical Tourism Management

TCE has helped refer and care for hundreds of patients from the above countries and beyond to health care providers in Singapore.  From collating medical reports and imaging for pre-consultation information before the patient arrives in Singapore, to arranging visas, air-tickets, accommodation, and even overseas travel to regional locales, TCE has been in the forefront of medical tourism in Singapore since 2007. The team at TCE takes great pleasure in serving patients from all walks of life seeking treatment in Singapore: whether royalty from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Brunei, businessmen from Malaysia and Indonesia or taxi drivers, teachers, and professionals from Singapore, TCE serves every patient and their loved ones faithfully and in their best interests.

Let us know how we may best assist you @ +65-68721830

Leveraging on its decades of experience of business in the private healthcare market, including starting, owning and operating its own private medical facilities, TCE is able to advise investors on the most suitable ventures in the evergreen but increasingly complex healthcare industry.

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